Steven J. MentzerSteven J. Mentzer, MD
Principal Investigator
Adult Tissue Morphogenesis Research Group
Lung Regeneration Working Group

ZiChenZi Chen, PhD
Lead Investigator
Thoracic Research Group
Mass General Brigham
Member of Faculty
Harvard Medical School

Maximillian AckermannMaximilian Ackermann, MD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Johannes Gutenberg University

Betty LiuBetty Liu, MD
NRSA Fellowship

Mattew LiaoMattew Liao, AB
Reasearch Trainee

Yifan ZhengYifan Zheng, MD
NRSA Fellowship

Cristian Valenzuela Cristian Valenzuela, MD
NRSA Fellowship

Andrew Servais Andrew Servais, MD
NRSA Fellowship

Willi WagnerWilli Wagner, MD
Research Fellow

Alexandra YsasiAlexandra Ysasi, BS
Research Associate

Arne KienzleArne Kienzle, MD
Research Fellow

Aidan PierceAidan Pierce, BS
Research Assistant

Robert BennettRobert "Dave" Bennett, MD
NRSA Fellowship

Barry GibneyBarry Gibney, DO
Research Fellow
NRSA Research Fellowship

Kanji ChamotoKenji Chamoto, PhD
Research Fellow
Uehara Fellowship
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad

MIT Team

The MIT medical device design team scheming and experimenting in the Mentzer lab: Steve, Val, Sarah and Yiling.

EB Chicago celebration

Cristian, Alex, Andrew and Arne consider the theoretical implications of multi-dimensional space and tissue cytometry after their presentations at Experimental Biology in Chicago.

EB in  Chicago

Andrew, Alex and Arne (AAA) eagerly anticipate their presentations at Experimental Biology in Chicago.

Testing the Wagner Cognitive Isolation Device

Willi and his team test the Wagner Cognitive Isolation ("thinking cap") Device by sailing near the electromagnetic pole of the earth.

Fenway Park night

Mentzer Lab night at Fenway Park (9-3w).

Max visit

Lab meeting celebrating Max's visit to Boston.

Experimental Biology Meeting 2015

The lab team celebrates the holiday at the Christmas party.

Experimental Biology Meeting 2015

Alex, Dave and Willi celebrate their presentations at the Experimental Biology Meeting in Boston on March 31, 2015.

The Team on the bus

The Team on route to the SLS (Switzerland).


Wednesday lab webinar on March 6, 2012 involving participants from Boston, Toronto and Mainz.

Synchrotron beamline

Moritz, Max and Willi working on the synchrotron beamline (Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland)


Working in the Konerding lab, Cristian meticulously tests eluent fractions from his column.

Lab dinner

Lab dinner at Oceanaire Restaurant in Boston

Lab dinner

Barry and Kenji celebrating a successful presentation in San Francisco.